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IFA 2017 novità Zwave

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E' iniziata da qualche giorno la manifestazione che apre alle novità di fine anno, quest'anno nel mondo zwave ci sono alcune novità, alcuni nuovi produttori si affacciano sul mondo zwave, alcuni vecchi sfornano novità.

Fibaro purtroppo non presenta nulla di nuovo, se non alcuni prodotti BLE per homekit. peccato.

Se qualcuno ci è stato e ha altre info scrivete pure, intanto le elenco prese dal sito zwavealliance:


  • Oomi will launch a completely new product-portfolio at IFA including standard smart home devices, e.g. switches, sensors, lighting technology and wall plugs. Next to that they are also presenting a portable controller (“Oomi Touch”) with touch display as well as a multifunctional camera, which can be used as controller. Along with Z-Wave technology, the Oomis Touch features Bluetooth LE, integrated sensors, a speaker, microphone and a 360° infrared function, which makes you able to control your TV. Thanks to Z-Wave, all Oomi devices are compatible with different single devices and gateways of other manufacturers.


  • Swiid is a French company focused on Z-Wave enabled control devices. This year, Swiid will showcase static and portable control solutions such as ZURC, the first combined remote control for Z-Wave and IR commands. With the ZURC it will be possible to control Z-Wave devices such as lighting, heating or shutters and infrared devices (such as air conditioning, TV, radio) as well.


  • Danfoss and Eurotronic, two providers for heating control technologies, are going to showcase their new thermostats as world first. The “Spirit Z-Wave Plus” is a thermostatic radiator valve (TRV), designed for water-based radiators. The soon available device has a compact and modern style rounded form with clearly visible display at the top side and local control buttons. Its special feature is the so called FLIRS functionality which allows real time reaction. Danfoss will display its second generation TRV which has also the display at the top side. Furthermore, the device has intuitive control, twisting like an ordinary radiator valve. Additionally, the visitors can have a look on the new floor heating control which will be available exclusively through Z-Wave Europe distribution for the coming heating season


  • Smart home pioneer POPP will showcase the new Keypad for door access control. The Keypad can be used for outdoor installation due to its high-quality aluminum housing. Besides the functionality as access control within a complete Z-Wave home automation network, it can be connected to door controller via Z-Wave directly. Popp will showcase this at it IFA counter by using the Keypad and an own electronic door controller as well.


  • Qubino (Goap) will bring along to Berlin the world‘s first smart power meter for 3-phase electrical installation. This device that will be installed on a DIN rail mounting in the control cabinet allows you to measure and monitor the total power consumption of a house as well as of single 3-phase devices, just as heat pump, induction cooker or sauna.


  • Z-Wave manufacturer Sensative expands its product portfolio and presents two new ultra-thin Strips sensors. The "Strips Guard" is a contact sensor, which can be mounted almost invisibly on the frame inside of doors and windows to monitor them. The "Strips Comfort" measures temperature and brightness. The "Strips Drip" is a water sensor that protects against flood damage, which can occur when a water pipe is damaged. Thanks to its extremely thin design, the sensor can be placed directly under washing and dishwashing machines.


  • Connection Technology Systems (CTS) will showcase their brand-new IoT solutions with live demonstrations, including the iCPE Z-Wave Plus certified smart gateway.


  • Saykey Technology will showcase their Z-Wave smart home product lineup including: a smart home kit, door/window sensor, motion sensor, remote control, and smart remote.


  • Schwaiger will show the voice control compatibility of their Gateway HA101 through the cloud-based voice service Amazon Alexa for the first time. The smart loudspeaker with built-in microphones, Amazon Echo, accesses Alexa and allows users to control the SCHWAIGER HOME4YOU devices with the Gateway HA101, as well as music and apps. At the IFA 2017, consumers can test the interplay between the SCHWAIGER Gateway HA101 und Amazon Alexa.


  • Heatit (Thermofloor) will show their line of new thermostat and smart temperature control Z-Wave Plus certified products.


  • Vision will demonstrate their new U-Bell Keypad & Outdoor Siren a smart alarm product, that can distinguish between different events with different ringtones. Keypad is a scene controller for home security systems and Outdoor siren is a powerful siren featuring temperature detection that can be used outdoors.


  • Gerber Home will showcase their plug and play PrimeSwitch dongle with built-in motion temperature and light sensors, and PrimeBox standalone relay box with an embedded gateway component.

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