Nuovo Firmware 4.100 disponibile
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Disponibile al download nuovo firmware final release 4.100
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Version 4.100

This update features migration process from version 3.600, reconfiguring every device, adjusting it for changes which took place in the system. This will assure possibly smooth transition and continuous operation, allowing each device to work with old settings until reconfiguration is done. Please refer to message that appears in interface and Notification Center after finishing upgrade for further instructions.

Updating from version 3.600 may take up to 30 minutes, please do not restart controller during update process.

Resolved issues:
- Charts in Consumption Panel are not aligned.
- GPS scenes are not converted to Lua properly.
- Firmware Update changelog is not displayed sometimes.
- Lack of translations in Diagnostic Panel.
- Magic Scene featuring removed device is inoperable.
- Magic Scene triggered by battery level is not working.
- fibaro:calculateDistance() not working in Virtual Devices.
- floating point numbers are not displayed correctly on Virtual Devices labels.
- fibaro:countScenes() not working in Virtual Devices.
- FIBARO Smoke Sensors imported from Slave Controller, with Gateway Connection feature, displays blank configuration screen on Master.
- Slave Controller, in Gateway Connection feature, can not be deleted from Master if there is no connection.
- Some special characters in Magic Scene name may preclude them from saving.
- Occasional 503 error after activating Virtual Device buttons.
- Alarm Panel is blank if no devices are added.
- Lack of parameters templates for languages different than English and Polish.
- After several requests sent from Virtual Device no more requests are sent (e.g. when controlling Global Cache).
- Device can not be disarmed from scene.

New devices support:
- Enerwave ZWN SC7 version 1.5.
- Leviton VRCZ4 version 0.2.
- Aspier RF 5 Scene Controller.
- RFID Readers: BeNext, Wintop, Zipato.
- Envisalink EVL-4CG Plugin (DSC alarm integration).
- FGKF-601.
- FGCD-001.
- FGWP-102.
- Sensative Strip versions: 0.0, 0.4, 0.5.
- Vision Security Wirelees, Siren VISEZM1601 versions: 15.5, 15.10.
- Remotec Technology Ltd, Remotec ZXT120 version 1.2.
- Poly control, Danalock versions: 1.2, 1.4.
- Philio Technology Corp, Philio Tech PAN11 versions: 1.1, 1.2.
- GreenWave, PowerNode, versions: 4.20, 4.28.

Other improvements:
- Multiple RGBW devices can be grouped and controlled as one (both with interface and physical switches). Integration is possible in Advanced Configuration of one of RGBW Controllers.
- After adding Dimmer, Relay Switch, Wallplug, Roller Shutter or RGBW Controller user can choose controlled device type with pop-up.
- Removing device with cross icon from device tile triggers Z-Wave removing process, with possibility of forcing it.
- Improved scene information, number of running instances and scene triggered information are displayed on bottom of scene tile.
- Update availability is checked on Home Center booting.
- Rooms without devices assigned are displayed in Home, Scenes and Devices tab.
- RGBW color can now be set in Magic Scenes.
- New filters for displaying hidden devices on Devices tab.
- Power management notifications are now visible in Notification Center, for devices that are capable of sending them. e.g. Fibaro Dimmer 2, Fibaro Switch 2.
- Z-Wave chip malfunction notification is displayed in Notification Center in case of such event.
- New action in Magic Scenes, controlling of lights or roller shutters in rooms, also available in Lua, more details on
- Undesired interface caching effect was reduced significantly. Change is applied once cache is cleared.
Fibaro HC2 + HClite+ Satel Integra 32 + Nas Synology 415plus + Nabaztag V2
Maremma ladra quando l'hanno rilasciata? ho visto ieri sera e ci stava ancora la 4.092Beta
Dalla lista delle cose risolte Sembra che della risoluzione problema Widom Energy non ci sia traccia
Pochi minuti fa. 
Io gia installato e al momento sembra ok
Fibaro HC2 + HClite+ Satel Integra 32 + Nas Synology 415plus + Nabaztag V2
Il widom Energy C che ho io dopo l'aggiornamento non segnala il consumo negativo.
Probabilmente va ripetuta l'associazione... ma al momento non posso testare.
Fibaro HC2 + HClite+ Satel Integra 32 + Nas Synology 415plus + Nabaztag V2
la pinza widom  legge in ognicaso positivo, i parametri non si possono configurare

Sui dispositivi acquisiti in precedenza non riesco a moificare nulla, ---- 403 forbidden ... provo riavvio
 anche dopo riavvio non cambia nulla ... direi evitate di aggiornare per ora
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Stasera aggiorno...
Ho appena aperto un ticket,
riguardo la non risoluzione della lettura negativa mancante su Widom.

Mi sono complimentato con loro per non aver mantenuto quanto risposto in un ticket precedente riguardo questo problema.
(29-09-2016, 02:06 PM)darpet Ha scritto: Stasera aggiorno...

aspetta a farlo
Cambiato browser e ora riesco a gestire associazioni e parametri; la pinza widom C comunque mi legge solo in un verso e dovremo attendere ulteriore aggiornamento

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